The Willis Law Group

The Willis Law Group is dedicated to defending our clients’ interests and achieving their objectives. Our long and successful legal track record in our areas of practice enables us to quickly define the essential aspects of a case. Due diligence invested at the onset of a case enables us to identify the core issues and  minimize the legal costs by rapidly discovering valuable information and establishing important relationships before the opposition.


Our legal talent is a committed and knowledgeable team of trial attorneys. The leadership assigned to each case has the relevant, appropriate experience and is supported by a seasoned team of professionals whose primary goal is to help you succeed.


Our legal professionals are informed and familiar with current precedent-setting cases, which provides an advantage when working out resolutions. We arduously try to work out amicable solutions through arbitration and mediation; however, if those resolutions fail, we are confident in a courtroom setting and very capable of defending client interests at trial. Because we frequently try cases to verdict, we are more able to effectively differentiate whether a case should be resolved in a conference room or a courtroom.


We truly value our clients and aggressively defend our clients' interests. We strive to build long-term relationships that go far beyond a single case.  We seek to learn our client's business.  This helps us to provide comprehensive legal advice.  One size does not fit all with The Willis Law Group.  In fact, many times, the client's business model and relationships drive the direction of litigation. We're committed to being responsive to client requests, to regularly communicating strategies and results, and to getting to the resolution of a case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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