Emergency Response Protocol –
Crisis Management Team – Fast Response Is Critical

The Willis Law Group’s Emergency Response Protocol is a unique approach to a strong defense and an innovative approach to managing disaster and minimizing risk.

A Team of Emergency Responders

The Willis Law Group utilizes a team of professional litigators dedicated to Emergency Response who are skilled in crisis management and disaster control.

Emergency Response Expertise

The Willis Law Group's Emergency Response team is anchored by seasoned litigator Kirk Willis. Our ERP team has been practicing law for decades and understand the elements necessary for effective emergency response.  Our ERP team has saved clients millions of dollars through proactive emergency response.
To get in touch with an ERP Representative, call (214) 451-0362.

A Unique Approach To A Strong Defense

The Willis Law Group understands that fast and immediate response is critical for helping clients for their immediate well-being, as well as helping them preserve evidence in defending their interests. The Willis Law Group has the resources to handle emergencies and catastrophic losses with a fast response.  Our Emergency Response Protocol (ERP) department gets involved early. They work to preserve evidence, ensure a fair and impartial investigation of the evidence by the authorities, interview witnesses, and prepare early for future litigation.

Securing Valuable Witnesses

Managing a catastrophic event successfully requires the skill of a licensed attorney to obtain critical witness testimony and initiate the privileges of the attorney-client relationship. For example, our client contacted our firm immediately following a fatal accident that involved a large oil field tractor-trailer and a sensitive fatality in a small, tight-knit community. Our Emergency Response Protocol Team of skilled attorneys was immediately dispatched to the accident scene to locate all witnesses and capture their vital testimony for our client. Because of our detail-oriented team, our firm was able to interview all eye-witnesses to the accident, many of whom were transient witnesses whose favorable testimony may have otherwise been lost forever. Because of our team’s thorough and aggressive diligence that day, we were able to place our client in the strongest defensive posture available—minimizing both exposure to liability and costs of litigation.

Preservation of Evidence

Our team of lawyers provides professional skill at preserving evidence and utilizing qualified forensic experts during a catastrophic event. For example, our client contacted our firm following a catastrophic event involving a large oil field transport vehicle and relatives of local governmental officials in a small Texas town. Our legal team was immediately in the area, managing the crisis from an operational standpoint and securing the evidence necessary to provide maximum legal protection to our client. Because of our team’s selection and use of qualified forensic experts, we were able to capture critical and favorable information regarding the cause of the accident. Without the swift and diligent actions of our team, this information would have been otherwise unavailable to our client. Our legal team directed and supervised the preservation of all evidence, securing critical evidence and eliminating all spoliation concerns. The unique and thorough talents of our Emergency Response Team guaranteed the preservation of favorable evidence and minimized our client’s liability exposure and financial risk.

A Trusted Source When You Need Help

A wise man once said, "Get up and train while your opponent is sleeping." Our team utilizes this approach every day and with every crisis. Our approach empowers our clients with unique advantages critical to a successful defense. We look forward to providing your company with the same successful results as you continue to grow and face new challenges.


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