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Rig/Oil Well Disasters

The exploration of well drilling provides well-paying jobs with a high risk of serious or fatal accidents. Rig and oil disasters are an acknowledged risk of drilling for oil and other resources. The oil industry has created technology to prevent blowouts, oil rig fires and explosions; however, all of the planning and best efforts do not always prevent accidents.

These companies need fast and aggressive help on the scene to help assess damages and secure the scene for the best evidence to assist in the eventual defense of the case.  

Our team has the experience to handle these and other complex liability areas:

  • Oil rig defects and well blowouts
  • Explosions and fire
  • Dangerous, toxic chemical exposure
  • Improper safety guards
  • Mishandled pipes and couplings
  • Boat or aircraft transport accidents


Please see our Emergency Response Protocol.

The attorneys at the Willis Law Group represent clients who are forced to defend and redistribute the risk in these very serious accidents. These disasters are often serious, fatal, and sometimes disable a worker for life. The Willis Law Group has trained former OSHA and Accident investigators available to its team to begin the initial investigations of these accidents.  Our attorneys will work hard to guide you through the tangled web of liability issues and serious injury concerns for the best possible results.  Many times, the team that  arrives first to  secure the evidence to take control of the scene tends to be in a much better position in the long run.  Calm investigation mixed with aggressive discovery and trial practice proves to be a decided advantage for our clients.